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Energy Storage and Distribution


At the core of the renewable energy plant is an all-in-one proprietary unit, the ZBB EnerStore, which allows the plant to operate “off-grid”. This system performs the following major functions

  • Input rectification or conversion of the varying renewable sources.
  • Battery storage of power for later use
  • AC Output Inverter

The output is then fed onto a separate building micro-grid, using standard 3 Phase 415VAC voltage, that is connected to certain devices and powerpoints placed throughout the building that are solely powered by the renewable energy generated.

ZBB EnerStore

A promotional video describing the system from the manufacturer is available here and for an explanation of how the flow-cell technology works see this video.

Flow Battery Specifications

  • Zinc-Bromide (Zn-Br2) flow battery technology.
  • Ionic charge is stored in ZnB solution
  • High cycle life. 1000's of full discharge/recharge cycles with no loss of performance.
  • Capacity: 2x 50kWh Flow Batteries (100kWh total)
  • Maximum charging rate: 17kW
  • Maximum discharging rate: 25kW
  • 70% Round-trip efficiency at the DC point of connection (inclusive of all auxiliary power loads).

Inverter Specifications

  • Max Continuous Output Power: 25kW
  • Max Continuous Output Current: 69A


The building microgrid is fed directly from the ZBB EnerStore output AC inverter to a Main Distribution Board. It outputs power to the following devices and locations via sub-distribution boards:

  • Basement Electric Car Charging Outlets (not yet implemented)
  • Deans Winter Garden Grow Lights
  • Level 9 Common Room
  • Labs on level 6, 10


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