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EIF Wiki

This website is a knowledge base for researchers to understand the systems and interpret the data gathered within the EIF renewable energy and building sensor network.

Once you have an understanding of the data you need, it can be retrieved using the EIF Researcher Interface.

The pages in this wiki are accessible on the sidebar to the left or here. This wiki is a work in progress, any queries, requests for further information or bug-reports please email

New! Information on currently working sensors (July 2021):

  • Weather station - Working
  • People counters - Working
  • Environmental sensors (Waspmote) - Working in selected areas (see list on page)
  • Concrete sensors - Mostly online
  • VAWT (wind turbine) generation metering - Decommissioned
  • VAWT (wind turbine) vibration sensing - Decommissioned
  • Building power consumption metering (via Optergy) - Done for CB11 and CB02!
  • Power generation metering (from PV solar) - In Progress
  • Energy generation metering (from solar thermal/trigen) - Decommissioned
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