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Renewable Energy Generation Overview

The building renewables consist of two main plants - a renewable energy plant and a co-generation plant. A part of the co-gen plant (the ORC turbine) provides input for the renewable energy plant.

Please see the other knowledgebase sections for further details on each aspect of the system.

Co-Generation Plant

Water is heating to approximately 200°C by 4x solar thermal collectors on the roof, that hot water is harnessed by the following systems (in cascading order) with the output water still being potable.

  • 180°C: Organic Rankine cycle Turbine. Max 10kW
  • 120°C: Evaporative Chiller: Cooling 19kW, Heating 60kW.
  • 60°C: Augment Building Hot Water Supply

Renewable Energy Plant


  • Photovoltaic Cells. 20kWp
  • Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbine output from Co-Gen Plant. Max 10kW
  • Wind Turbine: Max 12kW
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Max 10kW


  • Power stored in 2x 50kWh flow-technology batteries.
  • Energy output to Building Microgrid (microgrid is not connected to the building main grid)
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