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Wind Effects on Turbine


Wind turbines produce number of effects in their surroundings. The effects of most interest are vibration and impact of noise on the local environment.

The vibration caused by the the spinning blades is measured to record its effect on the concrete structure around the turbine.

The mechanical spinning motion also generates noise: Humming and whirring are audible to the human ear and have obvious effects, however wind turbines also generate infrasound - noise that is lower than human hearing range but has been hypothesised to have negative effects on the human body.


The sensors installed to monitor the effects of the spinning wind turbine include

  • 2x (one pair) tri-axial vibration sensors mounted at the top and base of the turbine shaft.
  • 2x (one pair) directional microphones, one postioned to optimally record turbine noise emissions, the other positioned to record background noise.

These sensors are sampled by a DT8837 analog to digital module that is designed specifically for noise-free, multi-channel high freqency data collection.

Placement and Orientation


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