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Weather Station


A Environdata Weather Maestro weather station is mounted on the Broadway Building rooftop.


The Weatherstation is a Environdata Weather Maestro DL30. It has the following sensors installed:

  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (RG12 Series)
  • Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer SR40)
  • Air Temperature Sensor (TA40 Series)
  • UVA Sensor (Skye UVA SKU 420)
  • Wind Direction Sensor (WD45)
  • Wind Speed Sensor (WS45)


The weatherstation is wirelessly polled every 10 minutes. It reports the following variables:

  • Air Temperature (°C)
  • UVARadiation (0-100W) (Watts/m²)
  • Solar Radiation (Watts/m²)
  • Rain Gauge
    • Rain Gauge (mm)
    • Rain Total from 9am (mm)
  • Wind Instruments (0° is True North)
    • Inst. Wind Speed (km/h)
    • Inst. Wind Direction (Degrees)
    • Peak Wind Gust (km/h)
    • E/-W Wind Speed (VSin) (km/h)
    • Wind Direction Sine
    • Wind Direction Cosine
    • N/-S Wind Sp (VCos) (km/h)
    • Wind Direction (Degrees deviation from North)
  • Maintenance Variables
    • Battery Voltage (V)
    • Solar Voltage (V)
    • Charge Current (mA)
    • Load Current (mA)
    • Communications (Minutes)


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