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Co-Generation System

System Overview

The co-generation system consists of a number of stages to harness energy from superheated hot water. A simple overview follows:

  1. Four solar thermal concentrator panels (STC) are located on the rooftop, they superheat potable water (the building has both mains water supply and two rainwater tanks).
  2. The hot water (~180°C) is first delivered to an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbine which generates power for the battery storage system.
  3. The waste water from the ORC (~120°C) is fed into an absorption chiller (undergoes heat exchange) to augment building air conditioning and supply the air-conditioning laboratories.
  4. The waste water from the chiller (~60°C), which is still potable is then dumped into the building hot water systems for general purpose use.

Specifications Overview

  • Solar Thermal Concentrator Brand: PolyTrough 1200B
  • ORC Turbine: Eneftech ENEFCOGEN Green 10kWe
  • Chiller: Pink Chiller PC19 absorption chiller (custom)

PolyTrough Specifications (each)

  • Thermal Efficiency > 55%
  • Nominal Output 15.8kW per module
  • Material: Speciality Aluminium with self-supporting sandwich structure of polymer/aluminium.

ORC Turbine

  • Eneftech ENEFCOGEN green 10kWe
  • Based on Volumetric Spiral Turbine in a mini ORC system.
  • Accepts multiple thermal sources at low temperatures (120 - 200°C)
  • Rotational Speed: 1500-6000rpm
  • Power output maximum 10kW

Absorption Chiller

  • Cooling capacity: 19kW
  • Ammonia/water based
  • Mass flow rate: 5603 kg/h


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