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People Counters (Cameras)


Fixed dome network cameras (Axis M3005-V) are located in public spaces, including, building entrances, between-floor stairways and walkways, to count the number of persons entering or leaving the zone of interest. The camera has a 118° viewing angle, but does not have facial recognition capability

Update: November 2020

A new implementation of people counting is detailed on the People Counting - Sighthound Video page. This will be rolled out in November 2020 to replace the Cognimatics approach detailed below.


The Axis M3005-V uses built in people counter software (developed by Axis) to count people by method of oval contrast detection (circular head counting). This means that for optimal accuracy, the cameras should be installed pointed directly downwards, parallel to the surface on which people are walking on. The cameras should be installed in well lit areas so that the image tracking algorithms can differentiate the difference between a person's head and the background.

While maximum effort has been diverted to installing and pointing the cameras in the most optimal positions, it is sometimes not possible due to the areas in which the cameras are installed. In cases such as this, the cameras are sometimes pointed at an angle.

Below are screenshots of camera PC02.14's data reports as well as camera view:

Data From Researcher Interface

Video Data The video data from the cameras are not made available to the public for security and privacy reasons.

Researcher Data The data available from the EIF Researcher interface are not coming in at real time. They are always one day behind. New data (from the day before) are made available the following day.

Naming Convention

People Counter names are in the following format PC.00.39(In)

  • PC: People Counter
  • 00: Located on Level 0 (Building 11)
  • 39: People Counter number 39 (refer to the floor plan to match this with physical location)
  • In: number of people counted into (In) the zone being monitored, (Out)- out of zone


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