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Building Power Usage


Power usage of the building is monitored by installed power meters at the Main Switch Board and Distribution Sub-Boards.

The Main Switch Board (MSB), found on level 00, is fed by a pair of supply mains. The supply mains are individually monitored by power meters. These meters are known as CB11.00-EM105 and CB11.00-EM106. You will find data for these meters at the graphing section of this site.

The overall power usage can be found by simply adding the readings from the two meters.

Each floor in the building has several distribution sub-boards supplying power and lights to that level. The sub-board has two power meters installed, with one of these monitoring power and the other light usage.

The naming convention used in the database, of the meters, will allow you to identify whether it is power or lights by the inclusion of the letter P (power) or letter L (lights) in the name.

To obtain the overall power for this level, simply add the readings from all the meters on the level. NOTE: These meters DO NOT account for power usage such as A/C, etc.

As you can appreciate, the above situation results in a great number of meters throughout the building and subsequently a large data-set. This large data-set results in the sub-board meters data not being recorded in the EIF research database. The result would be a gross overload of data storage facilities.

For access to the floor sub-board meter data, access can be made on a temporary basis (up to 6 months access) for the floor or sub-board of interest. Send a request with details to to get this access.


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